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A few words from
our founder...

In my previous career, I was a high profile entertainment lawyer, with a deep love for luxury travel. A high-pressure job and travel planning doesn't tend to mix well, so I know the pitfalls of trying to organize an incredible vacation in a finite amount of free time. Yet, plan and travel I did, and I have spent decades being both wowed and disappointed by my choices of destination and accommodation.

And this is how the idea for Wagner Bespoke Travel came to be. I started the company to pass on my knowledge of the best luxury experiences across the globe, to ensure there were no disappointments, only ‘wows’. All whilst taking the pain of planning away from individuals who have little time to seek out what they really want and need from a vacation. Over the years I’ve cultivated and nurtured relationships with the world’s best hoteliers. I know the names and numbers of the people who will ensure your stay is exceptional, and they haven’t let me down yet. You’re truly in safe and dedicated hands, wherever you go.

Eli Wagner

Eli Wagner x

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Here to give you more time to enjoy the beautiful moments

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